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Exploring Faith Autumn Course

Exploring faith through church buildings, art and worship

 There is a tendency in some church traditions to view church buildings as an encumbrance to mission, as something that demands huge cost in maintaining and running, and that saps the energy of priests. However, there is another way of reflecting upon church buildings.

Fr Neil Traynor’s second talk address, or ‘undresses’, the clergy! Have you ever confused your maniple with your amice?  Are you unable to tell your humeral veil from your burse?  How often have you vested in a dalmatic when it’s a tunicle you should be wearing… Or do you think that Neil makes up names on the spot just to confuse the unwary?  Come and learn about what the various ecclesiastical clothing and assorted linens are used for and why we have them.  This is an opportunity to see some of the lesser used pieces of wonderful embroidery held at St John’s.

Earlier Event: 30 October
Toddler Group
Later Event: 3 November
All Age All Saints Eucharist